La Gioiosa

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A paradise of crags

Finale Ligure and its surroundings are an international climbing paradise. More than 150 crags in an area of around 10 km.

The rock is very special and makes the destination one of the most technical in the world. Free climbers come here from all over Italy and Europe and it is possible to climb all year round, in every season.

Our facility is in a perfect location for climbing enthusiasts. Here on the Manie Plateau you will find the Gazelle Crag, from 2016, the Mammoth Crag, from 2017 and the Makaco Crag, equipped in 2018.

For more information and crag maps, visit the FinalebyThomas website.

The most important climbing areas:

  • Rocca Di Perti
  • Monte Cucco
  • Montesordo
  • Bric Grigio e Bric del Frate
  • Rocca di Corno
  • Capo Noli
  • Finalborgo
  • Caprazoppa e Orera
  • LacremĂ 

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