La Gioiosa

Family history

Family history

Since 1964, Ganduglia and Monesiglio families


Ganduglia Vincenzo gave his youngest daughter Luigia (called Luigina by everyone) a piece of land. In less than a year (in May 1965) the inn was ready, and the land was kept for the restaurant.


It had three guest rooms, a lounge, a kitchen, and a private room for the family (Luigia, her husband Vincenzo Monesiglio and little Silvia, just two years old).


In the beginning, the inn was called La Giara, but within a few years it was changed to La Gioiosa. Year after year part of the profits were used to invest in the inn.


In the 70's the number of rooms was increased to 7 and all of them were provided with drinking water, which was something innovative at the time.



In the 90s all 7 rooms had private bathrooms and La Gioiosa was transformed from an inn to a 2 stars hotel.


In the 2000s the whole building was renovated, doubling the number of rooms and adding Junior Suites: from 2 to 3 stars.

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