Varigotti is situated in a wonderful position with a very mild climate, thanks to Le Manie plain which completely protects the coast with its overhanging rocks.

In fact this zone has always been populate for its creeks: before by the primitive man and then by fishermen and sailors that remained here after Rome conquest.

The same "Varigotti" name has pre-roman origins.

But this centre gains the importance of  "civitas" in last-imperial and Byzantine periods, when the peninsula is fortified with a real castrum, residence of a jurisdiction or Byzantine theme.

Characteristic Mediterranean houses are tracks of this important past, but they aren't at all the signs of  supposed Arab origin; they are mainly built with inclined buttresses and a terrace-roof with sighting bricks. These constructions types are dominant in all area, to make Varigotti one of most beautiful and typical centre of the zone.

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